Taxa Associated with the Family Chtenopterygidae Grimpe, 1922

Michael J. Sweeney and Richard E. Young

(data as of June 2002)

Nominal Genus-Level Taxa

{{Note: type locality of Calliteuthis nevroptera Jatta, 1896 needs verification}}

Chtenopteryx Appellof, 1890:3.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid genus [fide Bello and Giannuzzi-Savelli (1993:270)]
TYPE SPECIES. -- Sepioteuthis sicula Verany, 1851 by subsequent synoymy of Chtenopteryx fimbriatus Appellof, 1890 by Pfeffer (1912:337)]

Ctenopteryx Appellof, 1890:4. [Emendation by Pfeffer (1900:171)]

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Preoccupied by Coleoptera [fide Neave (1939:898)]; Chtenopteryx Appellof, 1890 [see Bello and Giannuzzi-Savelli (1993)]

Nominal Species-Level Taxa (As Introduced Binomial)

Chtenopteryx canariensis Salcedo-Vargas and Guerrero-Kommritz, 2000:32, figs 1-15.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid species [fide; taxon not yet reviewed]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- ZMH Holotype 2778 [fide Guerrero-Kommritz (2001:173)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- South of Canary Islands, 26°20'N, 019°21'W

Ctenopteryx siculus chuni Pfeffer, 1912:343.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid species?; Chtenopteryx chuni [fide Unresolved]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- ZMB Holotype Moll.-110005 [fide Glaubrecht and Salcedo-Vargas (2000:273)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- 28°28'S, 6°13'E (Atlantic Ocean)

Ctenopteryx cyprinoides Joubin, 1894:64, text-fig.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Chtenopteryx sicula (Verany, 1851) [fide Pfeffer (1912:332)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- MOM Syntypes (3) [station 360]; not extant in the collections [fide Belloc (1950:6)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- Near Corsica, 42°10'N, 05°35'E, Mediterranean Sea (from stomach of dolphin)

Chtenopteryx fimbriatus Appellof, 1890:4, figs 1-6.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Chtenopteryx sicula (Verany, 1851) [fide Pfeffer (1912:337)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- Type repository unresolved

Calliteuthis nevroptera Jatta, 1896:118, pl 31.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Chtenopteryx sicula (Verany, 1851) [fide Voss (1969:858)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- Type repository unresolved
TYPE LOCALITY. -- Mediterranean [???]

Ctenopteryx sepioloides Rancurel, 1970:39, figs 26, 28-30.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid species; Chtenopteryx sepioloides [fide Nesis (1987:206)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. -- MNHN? [fide Lu (pers. comm., Jan. 2000)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- Tuamotu Islands

Sepioteuthis sicula Verany, 1851:75, pl 27.

CURRENT SYSTEMATIC STATUS. -- Valid species; Chtenopteryx sicula [fide Pfeffer (1900:172)]
TYPE REPOSITORY. – Unresolved: MHNN? Holotype [other Verany taxa there fide G.L. Voss (pers. comm.)]
TYPE LOCALITY. -- Messina [Italy] [fide Pfeffer (1912:337)]

Type Repositories

MHNN- Museum d'Histoire Naturelle (Musee Barla), 60 bis blvd Risso, 06300 Nice, France.

MNHN- Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Laboratoire Biologie Invertebres Marins et Malacologie, 55, rue de Buffon, 75005 Paris 05, France.  [For type catalog see Lu et al. (1995)]

MOM- Musee Oceanographique, Avenue Saint-Martin, Monaco-Ville, MC 98000, Monaco.  [For type catalog see Belloc (1950)]

ZMB- Zoologisches Museum, Museum für Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universitat, Invalidenstrasse 43, D-1040 Berlin, Germany.  [For type catalog see Glaubrecht and Salcedo-Vargas (2000)]

ZMH- Zoologisches Museum, Universitat Hamburg, Martin Luther King Platz 3, 2000 Hamburg 13, Germany.  [For type catalog see Guerrero-Kommritz (2001)]


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