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Barbarochthon brunneum


Karl Kjer
Containing group: Sericostomatoidea


This endemic South African family was established by Scott (1985, 1993) to accommodate a single species, Barbarochthon brunneum Barnard, first described in the Sericostomatidae (Barnard 1934). The small dark brown adults have a conspicuous cream colored pronotum and are common in the western and southern Cape region at mid- to high elevations. Larvae occur in both fast-flowing torrents as well as pools, and are typically associated with marginal vegetation, including clumps of submerged Scirpus; they feed as leaf detritivores. From Holzenthal et al. (2007).


Larval Barbarochthon make long, slender, curved, tapered cases made entirely of darkened silk except for some transverse rows of small sand grains towards the posterior end.

Other Names for Barbarochthon brunneum


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Barbarochthon brunneum

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