Two Hummingbirds in a Nest


Meet two hummingbirds Stella and Lulu!!! 

Though hummingbirds are small and thought to be weak, in truth they are one of the fastest and most amazing birds in the sky. A hummingbird's wings can beat over 180 beats per second, resulting in speed and precision. The unique shape of their body enables them to fly faster than many of their predators. Another one of the more amazing facts about hummingbirds is that they can consume more than half their body weight in food and more than 8 times their weight in water. Humming birds feed on many things, such as honey, nectar and small insects.

The story/dialogue you are about to read is about two female hummingbirds named Stella and Lulu. They are conversing about their lives as young hummingbirds and their families. Throughout the conversation they discuss many true facts about hummingbirds.

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Stella: Howdy ho LuLu!!!

Lulu: Howdy ho Stella!!!

Stella: I think we should tell the viewers a little something about ourselves.

Lulu: Okay, good idea! I'll start! Let's see... I am a female humming bird of a family of three humming birds.

Stella: You know, we female humming birds usually have two babies. Lulu has an average size family.

Lulu: I myself was born in a nest in an abandoned palo verde tree. Though Stella was born in a small nest a creosote bush.

Stella: Hummingbirds such as us enjoy desert plants of several varieties to nest in. 

Lulu: Right! We love the lush plants of the desert!

Stella: Let's tell the viewers a few of our favorite foods! you go first!

Lulu: I love the tasty nectar of the Saguaro blossom.

Stella: Yum! that sounds good! I like the sweet smell of the sweetpea vine!

Lulu: Though some hummingbirds feed on small insects also.

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  • Geckodance  This website has great information about and photos of hummingbirds of all kinds!

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