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Juan Diego Delgado's First Day of School

A Coqui Story

By: Mary and Kelly

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Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window

Here is a picture of a coqui we drew
Eleutherodactylus coqui. © 2006 coqui1

Background on Coquis

Coquis are a type of frog that is native to the island of Puerto Rico and is translated as "little frog" to the people of Puerto Rico. The color of the coqui can range from green to brown, or even yellow. When fully grown, this amphibian can be 15mm to 80mm long. The pads on the end of their toes allow the coqui to hang on to a surface. The most popular breeding time for coquis is during the wet season, but they are able to reproduce all year round. Coquis are firm believers in internal fertilization. This meaning that the sperm is put into the female. A trademark of the male coqui is the sound that it makes from sundown to dawn. If in Puerto Rico you will continually hear the magical nightime chirp of the coqui.


Juan is an energetic and lively 8 year-old coqui; you will travel with Juan on his first day of third grade. Join Juan and his "amigos" for a short fun filled chapter book where Juan goes through the same things that we all went through or are going to go through on the first day of school. Hold on tight for a great learning experience! Fasten your seatbelt and drivers start your engines...GO!

Juan Diego Delgado y Su Primer Día de la Escuela

Juan Diego Delgado and his first day of School

Juan was small for his age and did not live in the nicest part of town. During his 2nd grade year at PS 42 elementary school in San Juan, Juan was often teased by two older boys Manny and Victor. They would tease Juan and tell him how short and ugly he was. Juan would fight back and say, "Manny I would not be talking if I were you!" Manny Perez was short too, but ALL of the girls had a crush on Manny. Manny and Victor were both in the 5th grade this year.

"Juan Diego Delgado...get your colita (little butt) out of bed ahorita (RIGHT now)!!"
"Mommy I don't want to go to school today." said Juan

"Escucha bien (listen good). If you don't go to school you cannot buy the toys that you want. You cannot move away from here and you cannot go live in a big fancy house either. Taina and Giovanni are on their way so that you can all walk to school on the first day. Yo creo que (I believe that) your sister is not in the bathroom so HURRY UP!" said Sra. Delgado

Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window
Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window

Eleutherodactylus coqui. © Dewey, George USFWS

With that in mind Juan quickly scurried from his bed and went into the bathroom. Twenty minutes later Juan emerged clothed and ready to go. Just as Juan went to back to his room there was a knock on the front door (of his house). When Juan opened the door he found his two best friends in the whole world. Taina, Giovanni, and Juan had been friends since they were five. Juan quickly grabbed his lunch, kissed his mom goodbye, and ran out of the door.

When Juan and his amigos (friends) walked around the corner they saw Brandon, Andrew, and Danny.

Brandon and Andrew were the little brothers of Manny and Danny was Juan's cousin. As soon as they got to school, Juan’s day started off great! Juan thought to himself that this was one of the best days that he had ever had in his life.

Now it was gym time and to Juan’s surprise Victor and Manny were in his gym class. Juan was mad because now he had to deal with Victor and Manny face to face (cara a cara). Juan’s perfect day was quickly coming to a halt and the halt came even faster when Juan was hit in the nose by a ball. The ball hit Juan so hard that he cried. Victor and Manny were laughing and pointing at Juan. Juan knew that Manny and Victor were the ones that hit him in the face. When Juan was on his way to the nurse, he passed Manny and Victor.

"aww is the little baby crying, does he miss his mommy?" said Victor.

"I think he does. Look at him, awww." Said Manny.

"Boys!" yelled the gym teacher.

Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window
Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window

Eleutherodactylus coqui. © 2006 coqui1


Juan came from the nurse and went home to eat lunch. (In Spanish speaking countries kids go home for lunch).  It would take Juan too long to go home and eat so he headed to Taina’s house. Before Juan could cross the street a flan (custard) pelted him in the head. Everyone was laughing and talking. Juan decided to let it go, but then he got hit with some candy.

Juan ran over to where the other kids were and confronted Victor and Manny. A fight broke out. The boys were taken to the principal's office. Victor and Manny had a good story and they were together on it, and Juan just could not seem to prove that he was not the one that started it, until...Brandon and Andrew came into the office and played a tape that they recorded the night before. The coquitos (little coquis) Manny and Victor planned to start a fight with Juan. Manny was so mad that his little brothers ratted him out and told the truth, but they gained a new friendship with Juan.

The day continued and little Juan went home. He told his mother all about his day. It had truly been the best day of his life and even more importantly Juan had his mother to come home to.


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I loved the picture that was hand drawn and I really thought that the story was quite cute!


It was a good project idea. Everybody worked hard on their project and you can tell! The story was creatively thought out and I like the random Spanish.


This story was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the story was WELL written. Kudos to the writer!!!


This project was great! I learned so much about Coquis that I never knew!


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