Discoteuthis sp. A: Description Continued

Mario Alejandro Salcedo-Vargas and Richard E. Young
  1. Tentacles
    1. Club length 45% of ML.
    2. Dactylus suckers grade in size from smallest in dorsal series to largest in ventral series.
    3. Proximal suckers on dactylus with 8-10 sharp teeth on distal margins on inner rings and 20-22 blunt teeth on proximal margins.
    4. Terminal pad with 13 suckers. 
    5. Club suckers, including terminal pad suckers but not carpal suckers, number about 80.
    6. Medial series of manus with enlarged suckers; pairs 3 and 4 the largest (5.0-5.5 mm diam.).
    7. Marginal suckers of manus with 32-34 short, sharp teeth around entire margins of inner rings.
    8. Carpal region ill-defined with 6 suckers and 5 pads irregularly arranged.
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    Click on an image to view larger version & data in a new window

    Figure. Large sucker, arm III, row 8 of Discoteuthis sp. A. Drawing from Salcedo-Vargas and Guerrero-Kommritz (2000).

    1. Arms with about 25-28 pairs of suckers.
    2. Largest suckers of arms III (pairs 6-8) have 7-9 low, broad, rounded teeth on distal margin.
    3. Largest suckers of arms IV about half the diameter of largest suckers of other arms.
  3. Fins
    1. Length 95% of ML.
    2. Width 126% of ML.
  4. Pigmentation
    1. Reddish-brown chromatophores on mantle, head and arms.


Salcedo-Vargas, M. A. and J. Guerrero-Kommritz. 2000. Three new cephalopods from the Atlantic Ocean. Mitt. Hamb. Zool. Mus. Inst., 97: 31-44.

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Discoteuthis sp. A

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