Luteuthis shuishi Measurements and Counts

Richard E. Young
Sex Female
Mantle length 87.5 mm
Mantle width 130
Mantle aperature 30
Fin length 95
Fin width 48
Eye lid opening 8
Arm I, length (right/left) 250*/238
Arm II, length 280/259
Arm III, length 278/244
Arm IV, length 223/242
Web depth, sector A 67.5
Web depth, sector B 53/60
Web depth, sector C 51/68
Web depth, sector D 39/50
Web depth, sector E 30
Arm I, sucker count 47*/35*
Arm II, sucker count 57*/44*
Arm III, sucker count 46*/43*
Arm IV, sucker count 36*/40*
Max. cirrus length 1.0-1.5
Max. sucker diameter 3.7-4.0
Gill lamellae -
* Damaged


These measurements and counts are from O'Shea and Lu, 2002.


O'Shea, S. and C. C. Lu. 2002. A New Species of Luteuthis (Mollusca: Cephalopoda: Cirroctopoda) from the South China Sea. Zoological Studies, 41: 119-126.

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Luteuthis shuishi

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