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Containing group: Pipunculinae


This genus of 274 valid species has a world-wide distribution. Most Tomosvaryella are parasitoids of Cicadellidae.

When looking for information on Palaearctic Tomosvaryella, you may encounter a reference to a review paper by Kuznetzov. Note that the following journal article was never published although it was cited by Kuznetzov in other papers:

Kuznetzov, S. Y. 1995. A review of the Palaearctic genera Tomosvaryella Aczél and Adella gen. n. (Diptera, Pipunculidae). International Journal of Zoological Research 6:177-316.



These stocky little flies are easy to recognize and particularly common in arid or grassland settings. They lack a pterostigma on the wing (within the Pipunculinae only Dorylomorpha and a few species of Eudorylas share this character). They can be differentiated from Dorylomorpha by the shape of the abdomen (widest in the middle). In the few Eudorylini that lack a pterostigma, r-m is in the basal third of the wing and the abdomen is more densely pollinose.

Useful regional revisions include: Afrotropical – De Meyer (1993), Central America, Mexico and the West Indes – Ale-Rocha and Rafael (1995), Central and west European – Földvári and De Meyer (2000), Indian – Kapoor et al. (1987), Japan – Morakote et al. (1990), South America – Ale-Rocha (1996). No recent revisions are available in the Nearctic and Australasian regions and species in these areas are virtually unidentifiable using available keys.



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