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Stenocyphon sasaji Lawrence, 2001

Stenocyphon Lawrence, 2001

Rafal Ruta
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Containing group: Scirtidae


The subfamily includes only one genus, with a single Chilean species. Larvae are unknown.  Adults were collected in Valdivian Nothofagus forests, mainly in flight interception traps.


Exceptionally elongated scirtids, body length 4.5-6.0 mm. Frontoclypeal suture distinctly impressed, apex of mandible bidentate, lacinia with apical hook (uncus), females with peculiar, blade-like, strongly sclerotized ovipositor.

Discussion of Phylogenetic Relationships

A primitive lineage of Scirtidae, showing several plesiomorphic features.

Other Names for Stenocyphon sasaji Lawrence, 2001


Lawrence J. F. 2001. A New Genus of Valdivian Scirtidae (Coleoptera) with Comments on Scirtoidea and the Beetle Suborders. Special Publications of the Japan Coleopterological Society Osaka 1: 351-361.

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Scientific Name Stenocyphon sasaji Lawrence, 2001
Specimen Condition Dead Specimen
Sex Female
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Scientific Name Stenocyphon sasajii
Specimen Condition Dead Specimen
Identified By John Lawrence
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Stenocyphon sasaji

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