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Alloteuthis africanus Adam 1950

Michael Vecchione and Richard E. Young
Containing group: Alloteuthis


A tropical loliginid of the eastern Atlantic. Maximum mantle length 19 cm in males, 9 cm in females.


  1. Mantle
    1. Mantle long and narrow, mantle width 20 - 25% ML in juveniles, 15% in adult females, 5% in adult males
    2. Anterior ventral mantle margin squarish in outline.
    3. Tail (fins and posterior mantle projection) very long and pointed in females (37% of dorsal mantle length in juveniles and 58% in adults) and extremely long and spike-like in males (35% in juveniles, 73% in adults).
  2. Fins
    1. Fins oval in outline.
    2. Fin width index (width of both fins as a percentage of dorsal mantle length) 23% in adult females and 10% in adult males.
    3. posterior border of fins concave.
  3. Buccal crown
    1. Buccal lappets without suckers.
  4. Arms:
    1. Arms very short.
    2. Arm suckers with 6 to 10 square teeth on dista1 half, smooth on proximal half.
    3. Left ventral arm hectocotylized by modification of dista1 2/5 of length; 8 to 11 pairs of normal suckers proximally followed by 2 longitudinal series of elongate papilla that gradually decrease in size distally.
  5. Tentacles
    1. Diameters of club suckers of median 2 series 3 times greater than lateral ones.
    2. Sucker rings with 20 to 30 blunt teeth.

Habitat and Biology

Found at depths of 20-100 m, temperatures of 16-26 °C. Reproduction is apparently year-round.  Feeds on small fishes.

Geographical Distribution

Atlantic: from 20 °S to 25 °N.

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Alloteuthis africanus

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